Scratch Code Snippets

From time to time while tinkering with Scratch a few useful little code snippets emerge. e.g. a specialised bit of code or a technique. Sometimes these arise naturally in the course of solving my own little programming obstaces; occasionally I borrow from others (I try to make it clear when I borrow code).

These worknotes could be useful as handouts to provide components for student projects or for your own amusement if you are learning Scratch.

There’s nothing remarkable here about any of this; just useful little procedures that I constructed when tinkering.

The Scratch community website or the Scratch Educator’s Community site are the must go places for all kinds of coding help and examples.

Resources uploaded here:

  • Essential Stationery: a blank screen grid useful for sketching and plotting layouts. 41KB
  • Fisher-Yates Shuffle: script to randomly shuffle a list (i.e. unsort!) 800KB.
  • Transition Effects: use of effects blocks to enhance presentations or create graphic effects. 800KB. Zip file contains sample images.
  • Hotspots Using invisible sprites as hotspots. 800KB. Zip file contains sample images.