My Scratch Projects
A note on reading levels

Essential Stationery a blank screen grid useful for sketching and plotting layouts. 41KB
The Lost Owls Worknotes to build a simple explore-and-find game (aka an 'adventure game'). Three owlets are lost in the countryside around the nesting tree. You must explore the scenes to find them and return them to the nest. 
Active Pictures Just a simple fun project. How many actions can you see? How many can you add?

No worknotes for this project. The activity is open-ended - apply what you know. See brief project notes at My Scratch Studio.

Spiral Machine An updated experiment with Turtle Graphics.
Racing Car Yes, I've got one too! Like so many Scratchers this was one of my early projects. Good fun. This one is very basic. Working version here. Some of my students really took it forward with multiplayer versions, timers, lap counters, speed changing, sound effects and league tables.
Simple Haiku Generator A simple language project. No worknotes. See projects notes at My Scratch Studio and comments in the scripts.
Pong And yes, I've done Pong too! This is my first version. This project is due for an update.
Pac-Man No - I haven't done one of these ... yet! (The original version involved some elementary 'AI' so this is a project that's worth a try).