Lost Owls: An explore-and-find game in Scratch.

under construction

|  See working version in my Scratch Studio | Resource files |

This is an explore-and-find game. This game was adapted from a version published by MAPE in 2002 which can be seen here: http://primary.naace.co.uk/activities/The 2002 adaptation was by Alan Rodgerws and Angella Streluk. See that version for credits.

The original pictures and the story line are from the 1988 MAPE Owls Pack and used with permission. See here for the credits. Originally written in BBC Basic.

This version is made in Scratch 1.4.  



It's a  simple 'adventure' or 'exploration' game. Three owlets are lost in the countryside around the nesting tree. You must explore the scenes to find them and return them to the nest. You will find other animals on the way. Keep looking!

As it stands it could be played by KS1 kids, or perhaps by tired adults looking for a 15 minute distraction! 


Resources to make and play the game


In the resources you will find the pictures and sprites used in this game along with various progressive worknotes.

The pojrect starts by constructing two basic versions of the map - one is controlled from the keyboard the other includes navigation buttons (i.e. mouse controlled). These could be used by kids as the foundation for their own games and would make a good classroom project on its own.