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The links on this page point to various and differing collections of posts and notes. It's partly an archival exercise, for over the years I have made use of three, four or more online tools for recording notes, files, and various lengths ot prose. If possible, some of this needs to be drawn together - if nothing else to reduce duplication and to sift out the rubbish, leaving perhaps one or two short but hopefully interesting items to share.

So from this page and its links a number of different sources, presentations and formats may be used as part of this archival plot. Sometimes a blog page, sometimes a web page, sometiomes a Google doc.The goal though is integration, unlike a true archive where separation is the guiding principle - what bits belong together, which came before the other. These are not my concern but instead to retrieve from al this dross, all this orbital debris, some minor key of deliberation.


Tank 1: Algorithmic thinking as a foundation for computatational thinking.